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Virtual Pool 3


Aqui te dejo en este post este gran juego de Miscellaneos, descargalo gratis a tu ordenador sin demoras ni necesidad de registrarte, disfruta ya mismo de Virtual Pool 3, este juegazo lo publicamos el 23/12/2008, en puntojuegos agregamos los juegos gratis para descargar en varios servidores, no te olvides de visitarnos dia a dia ya que agregamos nuevos juegos todos los dias.
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descargar Virtual Pool 3 gratis juegos full download Chalk up those cues … the critically acclaimed pool series returns. Virtual ool™ 3 features single-player mode, an all-new Career Mode, and incredible online gaming – do you have what it takes to be the best player in town? Choose from 21 different games, including Nine Ball, Eight Ball, Straight Pool, 3 Cushion Billiards and Snooker Career Mode Start playing in a garage for chump change and play your way up to the bosses for the big bucks. 8 new pool venues and real life equipment help make this the most realistic and impressive pool game ever. True-to-life physics allow for full simulation of all actions such as friction, speed, collision, roll, stick to ball interface and ball tracking. Set up Trick shots or just play them from a library of pool and billiard shots. Challenge other players, join leagues, and compete in tournaments over the Internet.

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Desde ya muchas gracias por pasar por mi post de Virtual Pool 3 espero te alla sido util y ya sabes si asi lo fue compartilo en tus redes sociales favoritas y ayudanos a crecer.

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